Learning UX Design with the Interaction Design Foundation — A review

3 min readMar 1, 2021


My name is Beatriz, I am a UX/UI Designer based in Portugal. My professional path was a bit rough so to speak; I intended to follow Motion Design, but the start-up tech company I was working for (my first job) received a project where UX/UI had to be implemented, and as the only designer at the time, I needed to start learning about this field (which eventually I fell in love with, but that’s another story).

I started digging for articles, books, degrees, online courses, etc, and I found The Interaction Design Foundation. I’ve been a member since June 2019 and it was one of the best decisions I made for professional growth. I’ll explain a little bit more:

IxDF is an education platform that teaches you specific UX/UI design skills, they don’t teach you how to work in Figma or Adobe Xd for example, but they teach you all you need to know theoretically and how to leverage it in your projects.

So if you’re interested to know all the theoretical bases before applying it, this is your place. All this theory was something I was missing out on, and I can say with 100% sure IxDF was one of the platforms that made me evolve as a professional.

Their learning methodology is a mix between video-based and text-based lessons with open-ended questions and multiple-choice questions which are usually medium-easy to respond to (it usually takes up to two weeks for the instructor to grade the open-ended questions).

The content quality is very good, there are some things I learn here that when I go search for them I don’t find them so easily, and I can give you an example: “The Gestalt Psychology and Web Design: The Ultimate Guide”, had so many Gestalt Principles most articles out there don’t even cover half of them.
Just a side note, this was one of the most interesting courses I’ve ever taken with IDF.

In my opinion, the price it’s pretty fair, 180€ a year, which translates to 15€ a month, and you can enroll in as many UX courses as you want to and do them at your own pace.

Of course, this is my personal opinion, but I hope it helps!